Do you enjoy travelling to as many cities as possible in one country and see as many sites as you can in one city - all in one go? 

"Globe Hopping with Irma” is designed for those who love to visit and learn as much as you can about a new place. It gives you choices of where to go and what to see in a specific country and/or a specific city, based on personal travelling experiences.

“I have always had a passion for travelling since I was young: visiting new places and learning about other cultures. Born in a family from different regions of Indonesia, my parents were lucky enough to obtain a higher education and therefore believed studying different cultures around the world is part of the education process. This is what they have passed on to me and what I would like to pass on to my children.”

In the beginning ...

Immediately after I was born in Jakarta in 1967, my father moved our family to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where we lived there for five years and then on to New York for three years. When we returned to Indonesia in 1975, I was eight years old and could not even speak the language. After seven years, in 1982, we moved back to New York, where I attended high school in Westchester.  Upon completing my MBA in New York, I moved to Singapore and started my career in banking.  I ended up living in Bali in the early 2000s and started my own property development business, including the designing and building of high-end villas on the island. In 2009, after selling the business in Bali, we relocated to the UK, primarily to focus on my sons’ education. Living in Europe now just raises my passion to travel, especially where access to other parts of the continent and the world is easier and more available.

I have visited all the continents in the world, except for the Antartica. (this is definitely on my bucket list!)


As of today, I have been to 62 countries, some more than once. Still, I feel there are many more countries (and cities) that I have yet to visit. This just shows how big our world is.

I would not say that I have favourites, but I find it much more exciting and fun if you travel with those who you love and those whose company you enjoy. Most people know that it is not a good idea to travel, especially a far distance, with someone new or you do not know very well!

As my family can confirm this (to their annoyance at times…..), I like to visit as many cities and sights as possible when we travel. Especially when we are visiting a new place where we’ve never been before. Therefore, I tend to organise our travel itinerary to the fullest.

“Globe-hopping with Irma” is designed for those like myself, who want to travel abroad, visit as many cities as possible in one country and see as many sights as you can in one city. All in one go. For example: the US in ten days; or Cuba in five days.  This website is however, also appropriate for those with less time because it gives you choices of where and what to see in a specific country or city, even if you have limited travel time.


I hope you find this “Globe-hopping with Irma” informative and useful. I know many of you enjoy travelling the world as much as I do. The world is such a fascinating place.


I wish you all happy and safe travels!




Irma Lengkong Mikkonen

Latest Updates (Vietnam and Cuba):

This is written in memory of my parents. They were the ones who encouraged me to travel, explore the world and learn as many cultures and traditions as much as possible, as well as respecting them.


Rudy Lengkong (17 June 1935 - 28 June 2015), and Ainomi R. Lengkong (15 November 1938 - 19 September 1998).


And to the father of my children, who also encouraged my sons when they were very young.


Steven Kenny (18 February 1963 - 28 October 2008)