North End

This is one of the oldest residential neighbourhood of Boston, also known as Boston’s Little Italy. It blends “The Old World” with “The New World”. The area is full of Italian family-owned restaurants, pastry shops, pizzeria, and coffee shops- you can smell these combinations in the air. Historic sites in this neighbourhood include:


Old North Church on 193 Salem Street is the oldest church in Boston. It was built in 1723, inspired by the works of Christopher Wren, the famous British architect credited for rebuilding London after the great fire. Across the Old North Church, in Langone Park on Hanover Street, you can find the equestrian statue of Paul Revere, the famous American Patriot during the time of the American Revolution.






 Right in front the Revere statue on Hanover Street is St Stephens Church. This small church is famous because it was where Mrs Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the former Mayor of Boston’s daughter and mother of President John F. Kennedy, was baptised, married and at the end it was where her family held her funeral service.


Another site that is worth visiting while you are in North End is the Paul Revere House. The original three-story house was built around 1680, making it the oldest house in downtown Boston.