Plaosan Temple (Candi Plaosan)

Also referred to as the Plaosan Complex, this temple was built in the mid 9th century by Sri Kahulunnan, a descendent from the Sailendra Dynasty who was married to Rakai Pikatan in the Hindu tradition. The complex is made up of two Buddhists temples: Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul; both of which are considered to originally be in one complex.


You can also see a magnificent view of Mount Merapi from between the two temples on a clear day.


There is a very interesting Gerobak (Cart) Tour available, commencing from the Plaosan Temple. The tour is organised by local farmers, using their own carts with either cows, horses, or donkeys pulling them. 


The tour normally takes you around the Plaosan complex, and then to other interesting sites to see artists design and make batik, farmers produce tempe (the traditional soybean product that goes through fermentation process to make it into a cake form) and to watch a gamelan performance- the traditional ensemble Javanese music made up predominantly percussive instruments.


Please contact Mr Ari at +62 812 65944664 for more information or to book this tour.