Blue Lagoon

Located  about  a  50-minute  drive  from  Reykjavik,  the  Blue  Lagoon  is  a  geothermal  spa  located  in  a  lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of the main island.

The  lagoon  is a man-made  lagoon  fed  by  the  water  output  of  the  nearby  geothermal  power  plant.  The warm waters  are rich  in minerals  such  as  silica  and  sulfur  and  is  provided  by  the  underground  geological layers.

The silicate mineral is the main reason for the water’s milky blue shade. It is reputed that swimming in the blue lagoon helps those suffering from skin diseases. The country has a strict code of hygiene, and guests are required to shower before bathing. 

Guests  of  the  Blue  Lagoon  could  also  have  dinner  at  the  Lava  restaurant  before  or  after  bathing  in  the lagoon.

IcelandAdam MitchellComment