Skiing with Family and Friends


One of the most famous ski resorts in France and in Europe is Courchevel. My sons have been there several times with their father when they were younger, but for me it was the first time. I do believe this is the best place to go skiing. Courchevel is part of Les Trois Valley (The Three Valleys) and is the largest linked ski areas in the world. Is divided into 1300, 1550, 1650 and 1850, referring to their altitudes in metres. We stayed in Courchevel 1850- one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world. In general, I tend to not take my children to large and popular resorts during the holiday or peak season because it gets so expensive and overpriced. But on this particular year-end holiday, we planned on spending it with friends and their families. Skiing here is almost always guaranteed good and the apres-ski and dining are among the best in the world. Sometimes you can get lucky in finding a reasonable and suitable accommodation when you book far in advance. 

*** Note: Husbands, beware of the branded shops!!! Also, beware of altitude sickness.


Skiing in the USA is at many times “easier” than in Europe, starting from the time you put on your ski boots. Most places are modern and easily accessible. And the slopes are usually wider and the snow is smoother. Of course, there are several difficult and challenging slopes as well. One of my most favourite places that I have skied in the USA is Aspen. The city itself is very nice, good apres-ski, with many excellent restaurants and bars, as well as very good shopping.

Austria and Italy

I have also skied in Kitzbuhel, Austria once and Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy twice with my friends. These two places also have the best apres-ski in Europe. They both are large, popular and expensive. Cortina’ d’Ampezzo is also famous for its shopping.