Holidaying with young adults

Formula 1 – South of France

They say that the Formula 1 race in Monaco is the most difficult and exciting of all the Grand Prix. A trip down to the South of France in May is perfect as the weather is very nice during this time of year. Tickets are expensive and accommodation are unbelievable in Monte Carlo, so the best solution is to either stay in neighbouring cities such as Nice or Menton. We are lucky to have good friends living in Menton, which I prefer more than Nice, as it is much smaller, less crowded and prettier. Menton used to be a fishing village a long time ago and today you can still get the best seafood in the country.

Holland and Spain

“If you can’t beat them, join them!” Whoever came up with this saying should get a medal. Or a slap.

When both my sons reached “legal” age, I had to consider choosing places that they would enjoy as well. Together with me. There are quite many choices in Europe (considering in the USA the legal age to drink is 21), among them: Ibiza and Barcelona in Spain, and OF COURSE Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Ibiza is so very happening in the summer with the club scene, when the best DJs around the world are in town to perform. Barcelona is beautiful and historic and the food is so very good. I also love Amsterdam with all the museums they have (which I am sure is not the main reason why many younger people love this city for!)  But seriously, I would recommend all these three cities with your young adults, as well as your partner. You can still get reasonable hotel deals during peak season.