Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is located 109km north of Kerak Castle, or about 1¾ hour car journey and is a further 36km to Amman, which is about another 45-minute drive. I highly recommend visiting this historic site when you are on the way to Amman from Petra or the Dead Sea, after your visit to Kerak Castle. Located in the Madaba region, this elevated ridge is around 817 metres above sea level and is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible or as known to the Christians, the Old Testament as the place where Moses ascended to and was granted a view of the Promised Land.   

From the summit, you can see the panoramic view of the Holy Land, as well as the West Bank city of Jericho. On a very clear day you can also see the city of Jerusalem. According to both Christian and Muslim teachings, Moses was buried somewhere on this mountain, although there is a grave of Moses, Maqam El-Nabi Musa, 11 km south of Jericho and 20 km east of Jerusalem.  

In 1933, the remains of a Byzantine church and monastery was discovered on top of the mountain. It was first built in the mid 4th century to commemorate the place of Moses’ death. The church was designed to follow the basilica pattern and was enlarged and rebuilt in the late fifth century and late 6th century, respectively.