Qsar Amra

Qsar Amra is located 80km east of Amman, or just over an hour car journey. This ancient desert castle was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. It was built in the earlier part of the 8th century by the then future Umayyad caliph Walid II, who strongly dominated the region at that time. It is considered an important example of early Islamic art and architecture. 

Qsar Amra is best known for its beautiful frescoes. Among the most popular ones are the Zodiac painting on the Caldarium dome and the image known as the six kings which reflects the rulers of neighbouring powers, of which four of them are identified as the Byzantine Emperor, the Visigothic King Roderic, the Sassanid Persian Shah and the Negus of Ethiopia. You can find numerous frescoes throughout the walls and ceilings inside the castle.