Kolossi Castle

Located about 14km west from Limassol in Kolossi village, Kolossi Castle was once a stronghold for the Crusader. It also held strategic importance during the Middle Ages and contains facilities for sugar production from local sugarcane farmers, which was an integral export commodity for Cyprus at that time. Kolossi Castle is believed to be built in the early 13th century when the land was given to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers) by King High I, who then rebuilt it in 1454. There was period between 1306 and 1313 when the castle was taken by the Knights Templar, but then returned to the Hospitallers. Kolossi Castle consists of one three-storey keep, or fortified tower, with an attached rectangular enclosure.

Besides sugar, the area is also famous for Commandaria, or sweet wine, which has been produced in the region for millennia. Some people believe this wine is the oldest type of wine in the world.