The Treehotel, Harads

On the return journey back from Kiruna to Lulea, we stopped by and stayed in the wonderful Treehotel. Located in Harads, about 83 km west of Lulea, it town has a population of around 600 people. Harads has a uniquely Swedish surrounding, with countless trees and forests, with the Lule River passing through the village. All the units at the Treehotel are built based on sustainability and ecological values in the natural forest surroundings. The materials and construction techniques used have as little impact as possible to the environment. For example: the units are built on live trees without any destruction or chopping of any trees. Each room is created and designed by Scandinavia’s leading architects.

The Treeotel offers seven different and uniquely designed units, all of which are suspended four to six metres above the ground. Designs vary from a cube-like shape box, a bird’s nest, to a two-bedroom unit called Dragon Fly. They can accommodate guests from a couple to a small- or medium-sized family. Each unit is also equipped with environmentally friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks. There is a separate unit near the reception house for guests who want to shower.

It was like staying in the middle of the forest. The lovely founders and owners live in the reception house, where we were served our daily meals. They made sure that we were happy and comfortable. A truly unique experience which puts a wonderful end to our trip in North Sweden. I so highly recommend staying in this Treehotel if you are visiting any city or country in Scandinavia.