Buenos Aires Museums

As I have mentioned previously, a good way to get to know a country or a city more prior to exploring it would be to visit one of the museums. You might want to start with the National Historical Museum in San Telmo, which was originally established in 1889. This museum is dedicated to Argentina’s rich and long history.

Among the many other museums are:

  • Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes: this National Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1895 and is located at Recoleta;
  • MALBA: established in 2001, it is the Latin American Art Museum and is situated in Palermo;
  • Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo: this is the National Museum of Decorative Arts, formerly the residence of the prominent Errazuriz-de Alvear family. This art museum is in Recoleta and was established in 1937; and
  • Paz Palace: also a former mansion and base for the Military Officers’ Association, today it serves as a military museum.  It is located at the Puerto Madero area.