Plaza and Piramide de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is in the Montserrat barrio and is the main square of Buenos Aires’ central area. It was the scene of the country’s revolution in 1810 that led to its independence from Spain in 1816. It has since been the centre of Argentina’s political life. Several famous landmarks are located around this plaza, such as: the Piramide de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral, Belgrano Equestrian Monument and the National Congress.

Piramide de Mayo, or May Pyramid, is the oldest national monument in Buenos Aires, constructed in 1811 to celebrate the first anniversary of the May revolution. Designed by the French sculpture Joseph Dubourdieu, it is 18.6 metres high from the ground to the peak. The monument has undergone a few renovations, modifications and even moved 63 metres to the east back in 1912.