Burghley House

Burghley House lies right outside Stamford, a beautiful town with17th- and 18th-century stone buildings. It is 45 miles northwest of Cambridge and 104 miles north of London, in Lincolnshire. Built between 1558 to 1587, it is the leading example of stonemasonry and proportion of Elizabethan style architecture. The house was built for Sir William Cecil, the 1st Baron Burghley who was the chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. It was then passed on to his descendants, the earls and starting in 1801, the marquesses of Exeter. Since 1961, the house has been owned by a charitable trust and continue to be overlooked by the Cecil family, who still live there. Because of its unaltered Elizabethan facades and a variety of historic interiors, Burghley House is very popular as a location for filming, among them include: The Da Vinci Code, Pride & Prejudice and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.