Cornwall is the southern-most county west of England, bordering with Celtic Sea to north and west, English Channel to south and county of Devon to the east. Very famous for its magnificent coastline, the county covers an area of 1,376 sqm. Truro, 284 miles south west of London, is the administrative centre and only city in Cornwall. Cornwall started with pre-Roman inhabitants Celtic speakers and after the Roman rule, it became close to Brittany and Wales, followed by a period of Wessex control. By 18th century, it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Great Britain. Following a long historic tradition, up to this day many people from this area continue to refer themselves as “Cornish” and have their own national flag. Their economy depends heavily on tourism.

You can either stay in Truro, which is not far from the coast, or you can choose from the many beautiful coastal towns, such as: Newquay, St Ives, Penzance or Falmouth. There are also other smaller towns and villages including: Looe, St Just and Bodmin.


Cornwall Airport Newquay.

Train stations

There are several train stations, depending on which city or town you choose to stay. Among them include: Truro, Newquay and St Ives.