Ancient Temples, Jogjakarta (Special Administrative Region)

About Jogjakarta

The city of Jogjakarta is situated in the central part of the island of Java. This city is often referred to as a “student town” and is the centre of classical Javanese culture and fine art, such as: batik, puppet shows (wayang), drama, music (gamelan) and poetry.

Jogjakarta was once the country’s capital during the Indonesian National Revolution from 1945 to 1949. It is very rich in history, dating back to the kingdoms of: Mataram (8th to 10th century); Majapahit (13th to 16th century); Mataram Sultanate (16th to 17th century); and Jogjakarta Sultanate (from the 18th century up until now). In 1945, due to its significant contribution to the country’s independence, Jogjakarta was given the “Special Administrative Region” status, making it the only region in the country headed by a monarch.

Where to Stay



Adisucipto International Airport, Jogjakarta,

Adisumarmo International Airport, Solo, and

Achmad Yani International Airport, Semarang.


Public Transportation:



Recommended Hotels:

Alana, Hyatt Regency, Novotel, Melia Purosani, Grand Aston, Sheraton Mustika, and Royal Ambarrukmo.


What you should wear:

When you visit the temples and the palace, you should wear something light but respectful. And of course: walking shoes.

Recommended Sites:

Recommended Restaurants:

Traditional (local): Gudeg Sagan, Ayam Goreng Suharti and Soto Kadipiro.


Other Restaurants or Cafes:

Canting, Roaster and Bear, Bale Raos, Gadjah Wong, and Sixsenses.