Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo started as a fishing village. Today it is also a port and the epicentre for tourists wanting to dive, snorkel and relax on the beach in the surrounding islands. And of course, there are the komodo dragons, the only place in the world that have them living in their natural habitat.

If you choose to stay in a hotel in Labuan Bajo, you need to rent a daily tour or speed boat to go to Rinca and/or Komodo islands, and to visit the surrounding islands for their beautiful beaches. Komodo is much bigger but further away than Rinca, so if you want to visit both islands it might take up one full day. If you just go to Rinca, then you have time to visit the surrounding islands and beaches as well. I would recommend to go see both islands as the view from your boat is simply magnificent.

Make sure you bring plenty of bottled mineral water, food, and snacks. And don’t forget sunblock and beach towels!