Holidaying with family

Campervan Adventure- USA

A few years ago, when our younger children were in their teens, we went on a ten-day campervan adventure driving through three states in the USA: California, Nevada and Arizona. We started from Los Angeles, up to the Pacific coast to San Francisco and Yosemite Park. Then we visited the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and ended back in Los Angeles with a final evening in Malibu. It was truly exciting for all of us.

***Note: When you are travelling on a campervan with three teenagers: you should establish a few rules beforehand. For example: when you are on the road, you may shower and do "number one" in the campervan toilet facility. But if you need to do "number two", please inform the driver so he can stop in the next service area! It will not be so unbearable for the person who is responsible for cleaning the septic tank. In other words, have mercy on him or her.


Summers in south of Sweden with family could be so much fun. You can fly to Copenhagen and take the train to Malmo, or you can fly directly to Malmo. We go there almost every year to visit family and we normally rent a cottage close to the sea or the lake. The best time to go would be mid to end of August when you can also catch the annual summer crayfish-schnapps parties. A visit to Tivoli in Copenhagen is also highly recommended.


Although I could be biased, one of my most fun holidays with family would definitely be Bali, where you should stay for at least one week. There are so many things that you can do on this paradise island. Please check out the section “Places” on this site and select “Indonesia” for a full description of activities you can do in Bali.