Holidaying with good friends

United Kingdom:

London is on top of the list. There are so many places to see and things do in this amazing city, whether its cultural, social or educational. Choices to go out for dinner and drinks, as well as clubbing or visiting sites and museums are endless.

Other beautiful cities that are worth visiting in the UK include: Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, York, Cambridge and Edinburgh. This list is also endless. And the train system in the country makes it so easy to travel from one city to another.



New York is number one on my list. Having been raised, educated and worked in this super vibrant city, I can never get enough of it. There are always new restaurants, bars, galleries and museums/exhibitions. It is truly a “city that never sleeps.” Please check out the section “Places” on this site and select “North America” for a full description of major cities you should visit in the USA.



Istanbul is one of the most beautiful city in Asia. I have been there three times and I always find it fascinating on each trip. There are so many sites worth visiting and the night life there is quite exciting. And the food is just amazing!




France, Austria, Germany, and Italy

Then of course there is Paris, Salzburg, Berlin and Milan.